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Although we are primarily an DVX website, as long as it is Arctic Cat related, it's anything goes. Upload a photo into the 4 wheeler library. It could be anything related to Arcti Cat ATV's including stationary shots or action photography. We love to see riders sharing their DVX experience from around the world. Showcase your experience and post a photo to the library.

We prefer landscape oriented photos however we accept portrait style photography as well. Sizing is somewhat important also. We prefer an ideal size of 640 x 480 but our upload system can accept much larger files. We can always resize if you can't.

However, it is important that you keep the overall file size under 3mb, since the uploader will reject anything larger than that. Full size, high resolution photo files are prone to be larger than 3 mb if taken directly from your camera.

Thanks for your participation now why don't you upload a photo...

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