DVX50 ATV by Arctic Cat

The DVX50 ATV is a child size 50cc ATV available in various colors including pink for the little ladies.

The DVX50 has rear hydraulic brakes, a speed limiter, and a reliable engine. It makes a great starter ATV for any eager youth. With the Arctic cat name, at least you know you've bought something you can count on. The little DVX 50 has been labeled as a great starter ATV thanks to its quality and trustworthy construction.

Although it was only released for two model years, 2006 and 2008, this mini quad has staying power thanks to its quality construction. Be sure to visit our new comment board, a spinoff of the typical forum. If you have experience with the DVX 50, post your thoughts... Discuss Arctic Cat DVX ATV's here.

This is the ultimate in starter ATV's. The popularity of the cheaper Chinese ATV's has overshadowed the quality of such a small Arctic Cat. They may not have been quite as popular as Arctic cat would have envisioned, but there is no doubt they provide a good, solid, and safe learning experience for any child.

Small ATV's such as the 50 are not designed for speed or agaility, they are designed to introduce a child to off-roading on a safe machine in the outdoor environment. It's clear that Arctic Cat achieved their goal even though it was never a very popular model.

dvx 50

DVX 50 Parts: 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009

Arctic ATV

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