DVX 250 ATV by Arctic Cat

The DVX 250 ATV by Arctic Cat is the ideal machine to accomodate the transition of youth to young adult 4 wheeler riding. It was marketed by Arctic Cat to encompass an age group that has been neglected by other manufacturers.

The DVX250 ATV is a liquid cooled 249cc ATV available in various colors. It is an entry level atv and it was priced accordingly. The front end is suspended by pre-load adjustable shocks (a nice design, by the way) with double A-arms and the rear is an adjustable swingarm setup which is very adequate for this atv.

It's fuel tank is actually larger than three gallons which makes life easier on the trail. It is smooth shifting, peppy, and comfortable. With the Arctic cat name, at least you know you've bought something you can count on... unlike all the knockoff brands we see on the market. Be sure to visit our new comment board, a spinoff of the typical forum. Discuss Arctic Cat DVX ATV's here.

For a sport ATV, the 250 is sized primarily for a teen rider just getting the wheels under his or her feet. Some riders have mentioned a lack of real horsepower as a drawback to the 250, but when you consider the overall size and weight of the ATV, the engine output is proportional.

When purchasing a used 250DVX from the pre-owned market, the sizing of the ATV is critical, in other words, you get what you pay for. This is an entry level ATV which was designed to attract younger riders or those who are inexperienced with ATV riding in general.

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