Arctic Cat DVX 400 ATV

Arctic Cat DVX 400 ATV's are a rare breed. Get the facts and the photos here, features info, Photos, Specs, and Message Board dedicated to the DVX lineup of four wheelers.

DVX four wheelers
DVX four wheelers
Arctic Cat's sports quad looks sharp and runs well. The DVX ATV has become an Arctic Cat legend. This Suzuki powered 398cc ATV has been dressed for success by the Arctic Cat engineers.

See what the hype is all about... Although this is essentially a Suzuki ATV, the Arctic Cat guys have done well when it comes to applying their cosmetic finesse! Find DVX facts, photos, and information here.

We've also added some general information on the Arctic Cat ATV as well. The site is essentially a Cat fansite. we don't have any affiliation with Arctic Cat directly, just looking to promote and enjoy the ATV.

DVX 50, 90, 250, and 300 Forums...

We've recently added more categories to our forum to include discussion of the DVX 50, DVX 90, DVX 250, and DVX 300 as well. And if your only purpose here is to find atv parts or performance accesories, genuine, stock parts as well as aftermarket parts are available on our DVX 400 parts page.

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You can always find a nice selection of parts usually at or below retail prices. It's also pretty interesting to check the auctions and see the complete atvs that are up for sale and the prices at which they sell for. WIth today's smart phones and population on the go, alot more riders select their parts online and have them dropped off at the house. It's convenient and sometimes cheaper than a Cat dealer.

We've recently added a page featuring DVX 400 modified beyond your wildest dreams. The mods were so well done, the quad gets its own page. Great job to everyone involved in this build. Check out this DVX 400 with heavy aftermarket mods.

As DVX400 owners, we have a responsibility to keep the memory alive. Although the DVX 400 is gone from the Arctic Cat lineup, there are plenty of these classic Cat's still on the trail. Hoping to track down more Arctic Cat owners to join in the celebration.

The best way to participate would be to add some pictures of your DVX 400 to our gallery. The gallery could use some more Arctic Cat pics, it seems to be off to a slow start. We will continue to add new material here as it comes available so bookmark us or like us on your favorite social network. We appreciate the support.

Be sure to visit our new comment board, a spinoff of the typical forum. I would have preferred a traditional forum, but it was prone to spam attacks and the spam removal got ridiculous and most definitely cumbersome. Discuss Arctic Cat DVX ATV's here.

DVX ATV Facts and Info

  • Very Convenient Hand Clutch and Controls
  • 3-Bulb Headlight for Extra Visibility, 2 Low and 1 High Beam
  • Smooth Yet Powerful Liquid Cooled 4-Stroke Engine
  • Swing-arm Rear Suspension Improves Traction and Riding Comfort
  • Sporty Foot Rests for Added Maneuverability
  • Lightweight, Sharp Looking Aluminum Wheels
  • Various engine displacements including 50cc, 90cc, 250cc, 300cc

Anyone with good experience with the one and only Arctic Cat Sport ATV is encouraged to join our forum. We'd like to get some more posts in there regarding the newer model years, 2006 and 2007.

Arctic Cat DVX 400 ATV
The best advertisement for the DVX ATV is word of mouth. So join up and tell us what you think! We now have categories dedicated to the DVX50, DVX90, and DVX250 for those who would like to discuss the other members of the lineup.

We'd like to add some info on the DVX 300 as well. If you've got an opinion or some experience on the DVX 300, post it up on our message board.

Although the 06 and 07 model years have remained the same without change, more Arctic Cat DVX information is on the way! You can also use our message boards to help add to this site by chatting about mods, giving your honest reviews, or just about riding. In the mean time you can check out my own 2004 DVX 400 review.

We're also currently looking for some DVX atv photos to build up the picture gallery, these can be riding photos or just still shots! If you've got pictures of a DVX, send them in!

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